Wednesday, 26 February 2014

The BIG move - Day 1

I'm back!!
To all of my previous readers (hi mum) I'm storming back into the bloggersphere at full throttle! 
& to the other 1% of the audience that aren't a relation of mine and therefore haven't read this blog before do not fear, I am completely changing the subject matter - so no need to swat up. Within my previous posts I have focused on my experiences journeying through the trials and tribulations of 'Flu Camp' which alas, resulted to well, nothing! However as the blog name suggests this little creative space isn't limited to the discussion of medical testing, far from it, the history of felicity must continue! 
The reason I have revitalised this blog is because I feel I am about to enter one of the biggest milestones of my wonderful 24 years on this planet thus far! I guess it's fair to say that normally a mile stone may not be so easily predicted, however I am taking an optimistic gamble that I am quite possibly about to enter one.
To cut to the chase, I am planning to move to the amazing city of London, England, and I figured it would be just swell to document my experiences.
I have always wanted to move to this mysterious city however it has never been quite the right time, so now I am making it.
I am certain there will be a high volume of tears, a low volume of cash and just the right volume of mid week drinking, however it will all be a learning curve for sure. 
So day 1 began in February, on an early Monday morning. Catching the train filled with a ridiculous amount of nerves, a folder bursting full of last minute notes and a paper cup filled with strong tea. 
I was on my way to completing not 1 but 4 job interviews. You read right.. 4!! 11.30am, 2pm, 4pm and 6pm. Needless to say it would be brutal. 
I could go into great detail about the specifics of each meeting but I won't for now. I guess a summarising statement would have to be - I came away feeling utterly overwhelmed by the offices I saw, the streets I walked and the people I met. I'm already hooked. 
Luckily enough I have been invited back for 4 second interviews which are taking place next week! So fingers crossed this truly is day 1 of my BIG move! 
I will continue with this blog after the second round.. Wish me luck!!!

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