Friday, 3 August 2012

Flu Camp - Update

Firstly Id like to apologise for the severe lack of communication on my part, in all honesty, I blame it on the evil masterminds behind the organisation they call ‘Flu Camp’. It has broken me both physically and emotionally, to the point in which I could not even face putting to finger to key.
Alas I do feel somewhat disheartened and embarrassed to be writing such a post, considering my previous positivity towards the institution on a number of occasions. However, for the first time in the history of my 22 years on this planet, I reluctantly state, I was wrong.
Do not fear loyal followers, before visions of a four armed, double headed, webbed footed felicity spring to mind, hold your optimistic horses.
I did not even experience the fortune of getting such an opportunity. I in fact, hold my hands up, to the brutal, cold hard truth, that I have been, royally and officially, rejected from Flu camp.
Thats right, rejected. Bringing back cold and painful memories of cheerleader try outs, grammar school entrants exams and the popular kids table at primary school.
The following email of consolation landed in my inbox just short of three weeks after my trial..

"Unfortunately you have been unsuccessful in your application for our upcoming RSV study. This is due to your blood antibodies being out of our parameters. This is nothing to concern yourself about, it tells us that your immune system is working well and would fend off any virus we gave you too easily."

So apparently there IS such a thing as your immune system working too well.. In which case, after reading this, please feel free to cough, splutter, sneeze and vomit all over me, because apparently this will have no real consequence!!
(every cloud and all that..)
In all seriousness, if you are considering attending a flu camp try out, here is my warned, I have still not received my reimbursement for my travel expenses. & in hindsight, it was somewhat of a time consuming activity, considering the reward. However 'Lindon' Recruitment Officer reassures me this will be landing on my doormat within 30-40 days. Brilliant.
So there you have it, my Flu Camp journey has come to a grinding halt, before it even began. If anyone has gone through the same experience as me, or has been one of the lucky chosen ones whom has ventured through the glossy white doors and made it out to tell the tale, please do comment, Id love to hear your experience.


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  2. Well.... I'm still waiting for results.

  3. I have not received any answer from them yet.

  4. I have passed the first screening!
    Next Tuesday I am going for the second one :-)

  5. Aaah amazing well done!! If you get through you should definitely blog about it!!

  6. Have you heard of anyone who's done it yet? I have the blood test next week but it wouldn't surprise me if I didn't get through as I hardly ever get ill. My boyfriend seriously peeved at me for even considering it...:-(

  7. Hi Felicity, great blog ;)
    Well I received a call for the screening back in january, but then also received a call for another trial from Quintiles , £2000 for less days in the ward, well decided for the shorter option, this "up" to 14 days put me off...
    I did many trials before, but I was not 100% sure with Flucamp. I don't know exactly why...Anyway just put myself back on the "list" again, will let you know if I get through this time =D

  8. Great to hear all of your comments! Let me know if anyone gets through or what their progress is.
    Im still wainting for my expenses payment (guessing its never going to come)
    Id be weary of trusting this company to be honest...

  9. Hi, found this really interesting, thanks. I'm going for a blood test in Ely on Tuesday (5th Feb), will also let you know how I get on and will defo write blog post about it. Camilla x