Friday, 15 June 2012

Flu Camp

OK, I know I said I would post everyday, and I am aware that it has now been a week since I started this blog. blah blah, but the thought is there ok!
What im talking about today - and what I will be most likely mentioning more and more regularly - is flu camp!
For those of you whom haven’t heard the endless catchy adverts on popular student media such as KISS fm and Spotify, it is basically a light hearted clinical trial. Well I have convinced myself that there is such a thing as light hearted clinical trials..?!
The general idea behind it is, you go away for anything between 7 and 10 days, you are injected with the flu, then mad scientists come along and test a variety of new and potentially damaging medicines on you. Simple right?
Make no mistake, it may sound like I am anti-clinical trials, however this is far from the case.. In fact I myself have signed up for the first stage of this very trial.
'But what if your head blows up like a balloon and your fingers and toes drop off?!' I hear you cry... Well here is my thinking behind it.
a) Your on your own in a room for 10 days, with no real form of human communication, thus leading to potential dementia.
b) You are not only being injected with a virus that you know will make you ill, you are also then subjected to medicines containing god knows what.
c) There are no windows in the room...what if its sunny?!
However Pros..
a) Money
b) Money
c) £3000 of money!!!!!
Need I say more? Im sure I can occupy my time with purchasing online goods such as ipads, topshops finest tapestry’s and future holiday escapades.
Anyway, the first section of the trial for me takes place on the 23rd June, not this saturday but next. So for anyone that is interested in potentially taking part in the trial, I will update this blog, and let you know how it goes.
If nothing else, Im getting a free trip down to London for it..

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